What is the price of our security?- a citizen asks


A concerned citizen has questioned the price of security in the country hours after his brother and other passengers were attacked and robbed on the Accra-Cape Coast highway, somewhere in-between Dominase and Okyereko around 4:15hours on Tuesday morning.

Although Kwabena Budu-Annor who is a professional photographer, narrated no life was lost or injured, the robbers attacked and robbed passengers on a bus and four other trailing vehicles of their possessions amid hailing machetes and guns.

Mr Budu-Annor say his brother was robbed of his backpack containing all his educational certificates and documents as he was on his way to partake in the Ghana Armed Forces’ medical examination for potential recruits at El Wak this morning.

He expressed disappointment on the absence of the police in the area despite a Police Station two minutes drive away from the robbery scene.

Narrating the incident on his facebook wall, Mr Budu-Annor wondered what would have remained of his brother and other passengers had they being subjected to torture or injury.

He questioned the price of security for citizens in the wake of trending news on the demise of the famous Takoradi Girls.

Kwabena Budu-Annor

Below is his complete narration:


This morning could have come with devastating news for me and my family but thankfully, that has not been the case. Many times, our security services get hammered on here for numerous reasons, some considered absurd, but in most cases, these concerns are genuine and justified.
At around 4:15am this morning my brother and other passengers (including about four cars trailing their vehicle) were robbed not by one, two, three or four armed robbers but EIGHT in a bus on the Accra-Cape Coast highway, somewhere in-between Dominase and Okyereko. These robbers carried machetes and guns with a rather simple instruction: “Let go of your possession, lie down and do not fidget.” The long and short of this narration is that they successfully completed their “operation” and managed to get away with the loot. Fortunately, no one was injured or attacked in the process. My brother, who had waited for YEARS to get a call to partake in the Ghana Armed Forces’ medical examination for potential recruits at El Wak this morning, lost his backpack containing all his educational certificates and documents. But hey, if there is life there is hope, right? We move.
Just about a two-minute drive away from where the incident occurred is a newly commissioned police station. I believe the need to build it arose as a result of the high level of malice and crime that occurs on that particular stretch. Having travelled back and forth at night on the same road, I can attest to the fact that there are usually security posts (about two or three) installed before you get to Gyatakrom, a small town on the outskirt of Winneba. So my question is WHERE WERE THEY THIS MORNING? In terms of proximity, this morning’s happening shouldn’t have been for the sheer reason that its perpetrators should have been a bit petrified by the presence of the police facility just a few minutes away. But what did we hear of? EIGHT CONFIDENT armed men made their way into a number of cars (at almost daybreak) and gallantly left the scene with the possessions of innocent citizens. The absence of vigilance, circumspection and proactiveness comes with a price and this morning, it could have been the lives of my brother and other individuals who were simply making a journey to Accra to carry on with their respective businesses. A split-second decision to open fire or strike the victims with the machetes would have caused massive devastation. At the moment, he is safe but very traumatized and I doubt he is the only one. Growing up in Winneba, these stories dominated headlines on our community radio and more than two decades on, they still are. What then is the price for our security?


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