Is TREOS the new decentralized economy?


Corresponding most developing nations worldwide struggling economically, Ghana have seemingly made no headway over decades as a result of being plagued by inflation, high taxation, unemployment and corruption among others.

In 2007, according to reports, the Ghanaian government came up with an ingenious plan of halting the free fall of the cedi by re-denomination. Consequently, the Cedi (₵) made way for the Ghana cedi (G₵) which at that time was one for one to the Dollar ($). Fast forward over a decade, the free fall against the dollar continues with the current rate at ₵5.4 to 1$. In recent times, the cedi has seen worse readings with its lowest reading just about 5.7 against the dollar.

Inflation is a term used to describe a general increase in prices and the fall in purchasing power of money. This happens when the government decides to inject or print more money into the economy, giving people more money to spend. If goods and services do not multiply to suit the amount of money being pumped into the economy, you will get people with more money chasing limited goods and services hence causing a drastic price spike.

Reports indicate that, in 1980, in a bid to save Zimbabwe from an impending financial crisis, the Zimbabwean government printed millions of dollar bills into the Zimbabwean economy which caused an immediate meltdown. Terms like Zimbabwean millionaire emerged from this crisis, describing one with a fat bank account with the ability to purchase almost nothing.

In more recent times, we witnessed a global economic crash in 2008. This occurred when the United States Federal Reserve in an attempt to bail banks printed a ton of paper money into the United States economy, causing s global disintegration. This ensued high rate of inflation that threatened to collapse the US economy. Controlled inflation is great for a country’s growth as it matches growth of goods and services.

High inflation rates in our economy coupled with high taxations causes an enormous devaluation of the Ghana cedi, reducing purchasing power and making Ghanaians poorer and poorer.

Ghana is burdened with a high rate of unemployment. With the tertiary cycle institutions churning out thousands of graduates every year, finding a job in Ghana is frustrating with graduates having to wait years to get a mediocre paying job. With our educational system putting less and less emphasis on entrepreneurship and applied knowledge, most graduates end up without the necessary skills. Some who indeed have the mind set for their own businesses end up frustrated with no sustainable source of income. Promises made by sitting and successive governments of hope and a better life are not being implemented enough, worsening the state of affairs on a daily basis.

As the privileged few remain prosperous, the great majority can only envision a future of poverty, disease and hopelessness. The future looks bleak, however, there is a solution!

What is the solution? – TREOS

TRO is non volatile unlike other crypto and fiat.

TREOS is a global digital economy that is based on decentralised money. This economy is based on the blockchain where every transaction takes place on a public ledger. A public ledger with a history of all transactions for all wallets create an environment where corruption will be completely taken out of the economy as every wallet belonging to individuals in the ecosystem is known and every transaction is transparent.

Blockchain technology is a cutting edge technology that was developed following the global economic crash in a bid to transfer financial power back to the people.

The currencies used in the economy are the TRO, TRE and TREOS tokens which are anchored to the value of 1g, 10g and 100g of gold respectively by consensus.

Why Gold?

Gold is the oldest form of money and its battle tested. It has withstood the test of time and is known to be the most stable commodity on earth. This economy has been designed by everyday people who know the struggles of everyday life and would want to make life easy for the people who live and operate within the economy.

What does TREOS offer?

It is imperative to state that, TREOS intention is not to cripple the fiat system but to give people a better option of financial freedom.

TREOS can be likened to a whole new country with a whole new economy with gold as its currency. This gold (currency) is used for day to day activities mainly commerce. The TREOS economy introduces itself to the world with its state of the art marketplace where literally everything legal can be located: from groceries to high end luxury buildings and cars, professional services like health care and others, the TREOS marketplace cuts across all needs of society. The most interesting thing about the TREOS economy is its willingness to give or reward generously its users.

Merchants who sell products on the TREOS marketplace are rewarded with a 20 per cent bounty reward (profit) per sale of every item. Users who shop on TREOS receive a 10 per cent bounty reward (discount). This enables merchants to sell their products/services at lower market price and still make profit. For instance, if an iPhone in the open market cost G₵ 5,000, with TREOS 20 per cent bounty rewards, a merchant can sell this iPhone at G₵4,500 and still make profit.

The TREOS marketplace offers 20% and 10% bounty rewards to both merchants and buyers.

In addition, the TREOS economy rewards its users with more money every 72 hours; a process called minting rewards just for using the ecosystem. Let us liken it to a savings account which yields interests every year, TREOS rewards you every 72 hours, in so doing putting money in your pocket. TREOS does not discriminate between the rich and poor, it rewards its users and contributors to the economy equally.

Every economy needs a controlled rate of inflation to boost economic growth; so does TREOS. TREOS has been designed so that inflation is controlled hence monies released periodically into the TREOS economy are controlled to meet demand by the economy. These monies are released every 72hrs and distributed to only the people within the economy contributing to its growth.

How to register on TREOS marketplace?

Registering on TREOS is free of charge. All you have to do is log onto the marketplace and sign up . Just like travelling into a new country, you need a visa and passport and other valid documents to get in: so does TREOS. Once you sign up you have to show your passport and other valid documents before you get in – undergoing ID verification.

TREOS is fully licensed and registered with the Financial Regulatory Authority of the nation of Malta, a leader in the progress of the worldwide blockchain industries. It is compliant with all Know Your Customer/ Anti Money Laundering (KYC/AML) requirements and has been embraced as a promising social economy.

TREOS gives users the opportunity to choose.

Cutting edge technologies can be used in many ways; some are destructive and counterproductive whiles others are constructive providing much needed support to rebuild and thrive. TREOS through its core human values and integrity innovation and freedom stands tall as a pioneer and leader of a new humanity.

With TREOS, one can earn a living with nothing as a start-up. All that is expected is to use and communicate with the economy and earn. This gives users a unique opportunity to start businesses with nothing as start-up capital.

It is time for Ghanaians and the world to make a choice. Will you put your trust in an economy destined to make you poorer by the day with a constantly devaluing currency or you will put your trust in Gold ?

Source: Kwame Antwi Beeko MD

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