Is there a non-volatile economy in the cryptocurrency industry?

(ADVERTISEMENT): TRO is non volatile unlike other crypto and fiat.

Beyond a reasonable doubt, cryptocurrency is proliferating while taking over the fiat economy drastically.

More than a decade ago, the birth of the first cryptocurrency was received with mixed reactions. People were not sure of its value nor the understanding thereof because “cryptocurrency developers build these protocols on advanced mathematics and computer engineering principles that render them nearly impossible to break…this protocols also mask the identities of cryptocurrency users, making transactions and fund flows difficult to attribute to specific individuals or groups”, according to

There was education of course, and people begin to obtain understanding.

Over the course of time, new crypto coins were developed, circulated, adopted and used, mostly by elites of the society who craved a decentralized control that the fiat government or central banks infringed on. Progressively, cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for fiat currencies, especially to shop online.

However, much to the frustration of users, these cryptocurrencies over the years have been unstable and still is. This means a crypto coin could value to $2,000 but within few minutes could be declined to $100 or vice versa. Thus there were issues of “illiquidity and value volatility that do not affect many fiat currencies”.

And then, there is TREOS.

With the instability of the cryptocurrency and fiat economy, the developers of TREOS seek to introduce a cryptocurrency that is uniquely stable. Developed over the course of eight years and launched two years ago, the $TRO will go on to be the first non-volatile cryptocurrency with a decentralized marketplace to back its use, liquidity and circulation.

TRO is non-volatile because it is anchored to 1gram (g) of Gold. This means at a specified period or time, the price of 1g of Gold is moored to 1TRO. As at the phase TRO was introduced on the marketplace, 1g of Gold was $50.00. The price is currently above $54.00.

The decentralized marketplace, comprises of everyday people from 56 countries who are either merchants or buyers listing products and services from general merchandise to real estates, electronics, professional services, bill payment, Kitchen appliances, construction equipment and many more.

Crystal Dealers is a verified merchant on the platform that deals in general merchandize, bill payments and operate an exchange TRO to BTC and TRO to mobile money.

To utilize the platform, users need to register and complete Know Your Customer (KYC) through  this link.. Users can them purchase some TRO or communicate with the marketplace to earn bounty rewards which can then be used to transact business after passing through FIFO (first in fist out).

It is paramount to note that, for every item sold, merchants earn 20% bounty rewards while buyers earn 10% bounty rewards all extent to the value of items utilized. Users can also become affiliate marketers and every user that sign through your referral links and completes KYC earns you 2 bounty points. Every KYC verified user is entitled to 5 bounty points. There are also products with commissions on them with unique marketing links which individuals can market or share and earn some TRO if people buy that products through their links.

There are also social media bounty points to earn by sharing, tweeting or posting about the platform.

The TREOS marketplace offers 20% and 10% bounty rewards to both merchants and buyers.

Ten bounty points equals 1TRO or $54.00. As such, the more the marketplace is used by a user, the more TRO one earns which can be used to shop on the platform.

Consequently, TREOS is the new decentralized economy that solves the volatility of the fiat system as well as giving users a complete control and freedom over their finances.

In the heat of the covid-19, economies are crumpling, businesses are left in uncertainty while workers are circumstantially laid off. And yet, there is a solutions to all this, an ecommerce that uses a stable token for transactions- TREOS.




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