EP Church Good News Choirs hold 4th Bi-annual Conference


The National Union of Good News Choirs of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana (EPCG) held its 4th bi-annual conference on Thursday, August 29 – Sunday, September 1, 2019.

The four days conference hosted at the E.P.C.G. Eliklpim Parish, Tsito – Awudome in the Volta Region saw the convergence of all Good News Choirs across the country undergone teachings and other spiritual activities, aimed at reviving and rekindling the spirit of stewardship and service in the members.

It is an undeniable fact that one of the pillars which the E.P. Church is identified with is choral music. Since the setting of the pace by legends like: Dr. E. Amu, Dr. R.K Ndor, Mr. Seth Dor, etc all of blessed memory and living legends like Prof. G.W.K. Dor, Mr. Ken Kafui, Dr. H. Wuaku, etc, the E.P. Church can boast of various singing groups of quality standard with the Good News Choir not an exception.

Another important part of the conference was the sing-song session during which the various choirs were offered space and time to display their musical prowess.

Rev. Dr. Vivian Balasu Addo – Synod Moderator for Ho East Presbytery of the EPCG in her address, as the special guest for the opening ceremony of the conference, charged the participants to be good and faithful stewards and ambassadors of the church through their songs ministrations.

Speaking on the theme: “Improving upon our gains through selflessness, integrity and effective stewardship as choristers” (Genesis. 1:26-28/ I Corinthians. 4:1&2/ Philippians. 2:3&4), Rev. Dr. Vivian Balasu Addo, said it is not enough to only protect the things God has endowed us with but also to improve upon them and make them better than they met them.

She said it is disheartening seeing the impunity with which the environment is being destroyed through various human activities.

She noted that, human beings were created as care takers and overseers of all God’s creatures which include the environment. “It is therefore part of our Godly responsibilities to protect, preserve and enhance our environment as good stewards of God” she added.

Among others, she said as Christians and choristers, it is their primary duty to evangelize and preach Christ to all people. She said music is a powerful tool when packaged well,  can do wonders in this aspect of soul winning.

“We must, as choristers be mindful of the way we conduct ourselves at all times and all places we find ourselves as this is the first form of evangelism we can preach to others even before we open our mouths to preach the word to them” she added.

She cautioned them to eschew vices like hatred, backbiting, and other behaviors that have the potential of driving people away from Christ.

She reminded participants of the fact that the human voice, as a natural musical instrument is also a gift from God which has to be persevered, protected and improved upon. She cautioned them on things they eat and drink in order not to harm their voice.

The National Facilitator of the Good News Choirs and the Vice Principal of the E.P.Church Seminary, Peki – Rev. F. K. Anku in his address described the Good News Choir as the live-wire to the existence and growth of the E.P. Church.

He said as the evangelism choir of the church, the Good News Choir serves as the achievers of the aims and objectives of the church whose primary aim of establishment resonates with the church’s agenda of bringing light to where there is darkness by spreading the “word” through songs ministration and other forms of witnessing Christ to the dying world.

Mr  Osei,  reiterated the importance of evangelism to the existence of the EPCG. He said every member of the church must see it as a divine duty to either at group or individual levels reach out to the lost souls and bring them to salvation.

He urged his members to see this call as critical to their stewardship as Christians and choristers. “As members of the Good News Choir, the E.P. Church needs every member to be available for the task of spreading the Gospel through witnessing, music, drumming and dancing”, the President added.

According to him, the union for the past years of its existence has passed through a number of challenging moments but it took the grace of God and support of leaders at all levels together with unwavering commitment of the entire membership for the union to have come this far.

He used the opportunity to outdoor his vision; “Operation One Choir” to the participants. This he said is a task for all existing Good News Choirs to intensify their evangelism activities to plant one new congregation of the E.P Church each every year, in which the Good News Choir would be planted and nurtured to grow.

He was however quick to remind participants of the importance of them uniting in purpose and seeing this call as part of the “Great Commission” as necessary in making this vision a reality.

Source:  Klenam Noble Kuegbesika

Ashaiman Central GNC

Meridian Presbytery



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